What is HOA CV Database ?

In The HOA CV Database we do not compromise!

The companies with success in the international competition hire managers whose suitability for the job individually and teamwork are close to 100%.

Many companies have to close down because they have hired the wrong managers / specialists and those who compromise in quality, will quickly get an organization that performs only 75% of what is required in the market today.

The right managers and specialists are in HOA Database.

The HOA CV Database contains many thousand potentials and specialists and the number goes up every day. The database is a tool based on structure, systematization and common sense.

Hoping jackpot and successfully replaced by craft and hard work.

It is our basic approach that quality at the start of a search process is a prerequisite for quality in end result.

The database is a data network of personal and company information. This data is naturally a pyramid structure, and since there are many input keys are talking about a very extensive network, so you from many angles can ensure to get “all the way around” in the search process.

First in width then in depth

Industries, key contacts, training, experience, age, leadership profile are some of the keywords used in the search process. Subsequently reviewed relevant data and first contact to key personnel and potential candidates will be done. Then we held the first round of interviews – selection for personality test and reference checks. Only if everything is as agreed, the candidate be presented to the client company and interview times will be arranged.

The HOA Database contains different levels of candidates:

  • Candidates we have interviewed in depth
  • Candidates who already has been through assessment
  • Candidates we have had meetings with
  • Candidate resumes
  • Contact to people / companies in different sectors
  • Networking contacts
  • …..

The HOA Database makes it possible to work with many potential possibilities at one time in the start phase. The selection phase before presentation to clients goes through a systematic and disciplined process.


Hunteroriental Asia’s work is based on complete Privacy and we treat all candidates in the same way. Our ethic rules explain how all employees act towards candidates and clients.

Contact us on database@hunteroriental.asia to learn more about how HOA CV Database can help you get the right people for you next open position.