Premium Membership

Become a Premium Member of the HOA CV Database and get a personal contact to a professional consultant who can guide you to new possibilities.

As a Premium Member you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Personal adviser to guide you to the perfect resume / interview – the whole process how to get a new job.
  2. Assessments – get a better understanding about yourself and how other people see you as a person. Valuable knowledge to use in your own career development.
  3. Direct information about new positions which fits your qualifications and/or your future plans.

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1. The perfect resume – How to apply and find the right jobs!

Our program assists people in finding new job or career opportunities. We will follow up on your individual progress until you have found a new position. The whole process aiming at preparing you for all the situations you will and might encounter during your job search, and guide you in the right direction for the future.

You will receive:

  • A personal contact to a consultant who will guide you through the process.
  • Instructions for:
    1. How to build your own resume and cover letter –to get the interview.
    2. How to start your own personal networking and activity plan.
    3. Interview guidance –questions to prepare and tips/tricks.
    4. How to negotiate your employment contract and salary.
  • Standby follow-up possibility with your personal consultant for questions related to the job search, and personality assessment.
  1. Assessment

Get more knowledge about yourself and how you can approach your future career.

The use of assessment tools helps managers to understand the motivational preferences of team members and respond to meet the needs – people that feel understood and valued are more likely to stay.

People generally leave managers – not organizations.

Our survey is an online “always on” survey tool to help clients improve employee engagement by providing insight into what matters most when people work together. This insight allows individuals, managers and their teams to work more productively and succeed in their roles.
We compare the motivational drivers of individuals with their manager, their team and their colleagues – and with people who are rather good in a similar role too.

Our assessment tools are used all over the world in several different ways:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Career planning
  • Communication
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Choice of education / profession
  • Teambuilding / Understanding
  • Much more ….
  1. Continuous updates about new positions

As a Premium Member we will forward Job Descriptions of positions that might fit your qualifications as soon as we have a need from our clients – a fast and direct contact to the job market.

  1. Price:

A Premium Membership costs 1.888,00 RMB as a onetime payment.