Pre-Employment Testing

“Use HOA Pre-Employment Testing Program if you want to know how potential candidates will perform before you bring them on board and in the same time save time and costs in your hiring process”


The pre-employment testing program helps companies to select the right candidates in the right jobs to ensure they get high performers who will stay longer and bring good results. All research tells if companies use an assessment tool in the hiring process they will increase the knowledge of how the candidate will perform in the job with 27%.(*) This speaks for itself !!

Our goal is to bring knowledge to the hiring managers about each candidate so they can decide which one will perform best and at the same time fits best to the organisation. In the process we create a TALENT MAP for the “wanted” profile which we afterwards match against the potential candidates. This brings knowledge in the here and now situation and can also be used for future development plans. In the process we always make sure that the candidates receive feedback on the test result to use for own understanding and future development.

Our process starts in depth to develop the talent profile(Mapping) together with the hiring manager followed by testing of the potential candidates. After the test result is ready we interview and interprets the result to the candidates. Finally we forward our conclusion and recommendation to the hiring manager together with the test results.

(*) Schmidt and Hunter 1998 Validity and Utility Psychological Bulletin