Ethical code

Our ethic rules are the basic for how we work and deep confidentiality is the keyword for clients and candidates.

Hunteroriental Asia’s Ethical Code

For clients:
• We will never approach our client’s employees as potential candidates for a vacancy.
• Shortlisted candidates belong to our client until the assignment is finalised.
• We guarantee that all information about our clients will be treated with full confidentiality.
• We only accept companies / organisations as clients.
• We will never use a client’s name as a reference or for marketing.
• We only accept assignments we feel confident to solve in a professional manner.
• We always conduct follow up meetings with our clients- and candidates.

For candidates:
• We always treat candidates as individuals, fully respecting their personal integrity.
• We treat all candidate information with full confidentiality.
• We assure all applicants receive an immediate confirmation of their application.
• We always keep the candidate informed about the assignment process and time schedule.
• We ensure that the candidate understand the requirements and tasks of the vacancy.
• We will always gain permission from the candidate before disclosing information to clients.
• We will by no means expose candidates in a way that may damage his/her situation.
• We never accept payment from candidates in the recruitment process.

Hunteroriental Asia defines a client as a company/organisation that has given us an assignment and thereby accepts our policies, recruitment structure and processes.
After completion of the last assignment, Hunteroriental Asia considers the client as a customer for a period of two years.

Hunteroriental Asia defines a candidate as an individual who is taking part in a search/ recruitment process.

Hunteroriental Asia:
All employees in Hunteroriental Asia Group.

Any questions please contact General Manager Lars Thomasen directly by email or by phone 0086 15000025654.